Capital Campaign


An effort to eliminate our debts, and to build an endowment for the future of our council.

Key Points

  1. The club currently has $500,000 in debt.  The debt is for the building on RT Dunn Dr. and the land on Fox Creek.

  2. Over the past years the club has struggled to pay bills with the debt load and has had to borrow money on the equity of the building and property to keep the doors open.  Our monthly loan payment is in excess of $2,800. 

  3. Costs of operations have been reviewed, cuts have been made, and we continue to look for ways to save money.


Our goal with this capital campaign is to pay off the debt of the club.  This would allow us an additional $2,800 to use towards our monthly operations.  Our plans when the Fox Creek property does sell is to use any equity that the club might see be placed in an endowment where only the interest could be used to continue our service to the community.


  1. Over $10,000 a year to Schools and the Community for those of special needs from our annual Tootsie Roll Drive

  2. Financial support for the restoration of Historic St. Patrick Church

  3. Financial support to our area priests and the promotion of vocations

  4. Support and financial help for Relay for Life

  5. Support of Illinois Special Olympics

  6. Scholarships to Central Catholic High School

  7. Monthly Blood Drives at the club for the American Red Cross

  8. Donations to the American Heart Walk

  9. St. Patrick Day Dinner

  10. Support for our Military and Military Affinity Group


To make a pledge to our Capital Campaign, please click HERE and in your email, please include the following information:

  1. Your Name

  2. Your Phone # & Address

  3. The $ Amount you would like to pledge

  4. Indicate how you would like to pay (i.e. Single Payment, Monthly, Quarterly, etc.)

If you would like to send in a one-time contribution now, please write a check made payable to: Bloomington Columbian Homes Association, and mail it to:

Knights of Columbus Council 574

Attn: Capital Campaign Committee

1706 R T Dunn Drive

Bloomington, IL 61701


  1. Contributions are tax deductible as the Bloomington Columbian Homes Association is a not for profit association


(Please remember that these are only “Memorial” gift suggestions.  ANY and ALL contribution amounts are welcome.)

The following gifts may be dedicated in honor or memory of someone living or deceased, or for a special intention.  Dedications of contributions for memorials have been an inspiration to generations of Catholics.  The designation of a specific gift will give many the opportunity to perpetuate the memory of their families and individuals or to memorialize departed loved ones.  Such living memorials will serve the needs of the community for present and future generations.

***  Gifts in any of the following categories will be recognized on a memorial plaque in the lobby of our Club Hall. ***


  1. Pledges can be paid over a 5 year period.

  2. A 10% initial payment is suggested.

  3. Contributions are tax deductible as the Bloomington Columbian Homes Association is a not for profit association

Leadership Memorial

  1. 25,000

  2. 30,000

  3. 40,000

  4. 50,000

Bishop Sheen Memorial

Monthly         Initial           Total Gift

250                     2,000             20,000

225                      1,500              15,000

150                      1,000             10,000

Fr. McGivney Memorial

Monthly         Initial           Total Gift

135                      900                9,000

113                      750                 7,500

90                      600                6,000

75                       500                 5,000

Fr. John D. Ring Memorial

Monthly         Initial           Total Gift

60                      400                4,000

45                       300                3,000

38                       250                 2,500

30                      200                 2,000

23                       150                  1,500